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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Disclaimer #1: I have no problem sharing my music, so if you happen to see a song on my playlist that you really like and want it on your playlist, please feel free to add it! I may have a song on my list that you already have on yours. It's ok people - music is made to be shared and enjoyed by the masses! Besides, you didn't think you were the only person who liked those songs did you?

Disclaimer #2: I will warn you that I will have lots of Bon Jovi songs at various times. I love Bon Jovi. I mean who doesn't (besides Crissy, but we all know how she is anyway - she was going to leave me frozen dead animal flesh... hellooo)?


Crissy said...

Yes, we all know how Crissy has flawless taste and an impeccable sense of style. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

War Eagle Baby! Sorry I missed you at Paige's. It was a long holiday for us! Hope you are doing well!