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Saturday, December 10, 2011

WDW Day 3: Off Day/Downtown Disney

Thursday - The third day was our "down day". We didn't have any particular place to be at any certain time. We slept in, and by we I mean Shareen and Matthew. Jeff and I were up early since Marlee and Phoebee don't know what it means to sleep in! We headed to Downtown Disney, which is a really neat place. They have Lego sculptures, a huge Disney store, lots of smaller stores, and some great places to eat.

We split off from the big kids, aka Matt and Reen. They went and spent some time at DisneyQuest (admission included in our tickets). DisneyQuest is a 5 story virtual arcade or something like that. They said it was fun.

The rest of us just walked around, took pictures, got some snacks, and eventually had lunch at Rainforest Cafe. I knew what Rainforest Cafe was suppose to be, but we had never actually been to one. It was great! The staff was very friendly. The little ones got a bit scared of the "storm" but they were fine. Marlee was sweetly trying to console Phoebee. She said she was trying to keep her calm ;-) We took some pics, had a good meal, and a good time! Then we hit Goofy's Candy Co. for some take home treats (and Disney Blend coffee for me).

After lunch we met up with the big kids again and perused Once Upon a Toy (fun store with a variety of Mr Potato Head pieces, among other things). We split up AGAIN so the biggies could go back to DQ. We were going to ride Characters in Flight, but it was closed due to high wind :-(  We strolled around some more but the kiddos were getting tired, so we went home.

Once we got home, the little ones settled in with a movie and the big ones and I went to hit some of the cheap souvenir shops. But first we stopped in at Dunkin' Donuts for some coffee and a donut. Then we went to a couple of shops, where I though the prices would be low (3 shirts for $10 anyone???) but they never seemed to have sizes we needed/wanted. Go figure. I grabbed a couple of little things, but that was about it.

Pretty much the end of Day 3, unless you want to know about our chinese take out dinner and bedtime routines for the kids...

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