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Monday, October 1, 2007

Back again?

I use to be a blogger and my life got so crazy and hectic that I gave it up. My life is actually busier now than ever before (I have a 10 week old baby and a 13 year old!), but I realize that I miss blogging! So I've started this new one and will hopefully post occasionally... I'll have to see where life takes me. I plan on blogging about anything that strikes my fancy, voicing my opinion where I see fit. Some topics may include - but aren't limited to ;-) - unschooling, being a vegetarian, my family, my friends and aquaintances, and just our life in general! Hope you stop by often and feel free to comment on anything I say. Remember though, this is MY blog... read at your own risk!!!!
BTW, these are my 2 gorgeous girls (S - 13 years old, and M - 10 weeks old)!


Anonymous said...

I <3 you!


SeaChel said...

Hi, I'm SeaChel. I go to Shareen's blog a lot and I thought I would come by and say hi! So hi!


Stephanie said...

Hi Leslie,
You just joined my yahoo group RadChristainUnschoolers so I thought I'd say hello. I love your disclaimer about reading at your own risk, sounds like something I should put on my blog, LOL!
Glad to meet you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I go to Shareen's blog and I thought I would come by and say Howdy! Sooooooooooooo Howdy!

Have a great Day!


HANNAHb95 said...

hi! I go (and read) Shareen's blog. so I thought i'd stop by to say hi! So, Hi! My mom just had twin boys a few weeks before you had Marlee! If you have time to read my blog, here's the address:
trust me, I know how busy it can get!
with homeschooling, baby(ies), and everything else to do!